How to Get HWC started in my County

The first step to bringing Handle With Care to your county is to have a 90 minute community stakeholder meeting. The WV Center for Children's Justice can assist you with putting the stakeholder list together and providing a sample letter of invite. Participants will include:


  • The County School Superintendent or designee
  • The principal or vice-principal from every school in your county
  • The nurse, counselor or attendance director from every school in your county

Law Enforcement

  • A representative from the State Police
  • The Sheriff or designee
  • A representative from all the municipalities
  • Prosecuting Attorney
  • A representative from probation
  • Dispatch (911)

Mental Health

  • Representatives from the local mental health provider

Child Protective Services

  • The CPS supervisor and/or CSM

Child Care Services

  • Head Start
  • Before and After School Programs
  • Child Care Agencies (administrators, program directors)

Others to Include

  • Circuit Court Judges, Family Court Judges and Magistrates
  • Emergency Management Services (EMS)
  • Family Resource Network
  • Local civic organizations such as Lions and Kiwanis Clubs
  • News organizations