What are Drug Endangered Children?



National DEC Mission

The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children teaches early identification, response, and appropriate intervention services for children and families affected by parental or caregiver substance misuse. We equip comprehensive, multidisciplinary alliances, communities, organizations, and individuals with access to our national resource center, training, and technical assistance.


National DEC Vision

Our vision is 100% healthy, safe children, families, and communities free from the negative impact of substance misuse and drug activity.


Why are these children in danger?

  • Parental behavior under the influence: poor judgment, confusion, irritability, paranoia, violence
  • Inadequate supervision
  • Inconsistent parenting
  • Chronic neglect
  • Chaotic home life
  • Exposure to second-hand smoke
  • Accidental ingestion of drug
  • Household may lack food, water, utilities
  • Children may lack medical care, dental care, immunizations
  • Greater risk of abuse
  • Greater risk of sexual abuse if parent has multiple partners